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MPact Studio Information

Studio Holidays

Dance classes begin mid-August and conclude at the end of May. The studio will observe the following holidays in accordance with the Cherry Creek Schools.

  • Labor Day – September 4th, 2023

  • Fall Break – October 16th - October 20th, 2023

  • Halloween – October 31st, 2023

  • Thanksgiving Break – November 22nd - 24th, 2023

  • Winter Break – December 25th, 2022 - January 7th, 2024

  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day – January 15th, 2024

  • Presidents Day – February 19th, 2024

  • Spring Break – March 18th-March 22nd, 2024

  • Recital Picture Day- May 18th, 2024

  • Recital- May 26th, 2024



In the event of severe weather; it may become necessary to cancel classes for a partial or full day.  These announcements will be posted on our answering machine.  In general, when there is a Cherry Creek School or Douglas County School closing due to inclement weather, the studio will be closed.

Tuition Rates

Tuition is based on a 10 month seasonal rate running from August to June. Monthly tuition is based on the amount of hours taken per week. All tuition is payable the 1st week of each month. The price of tuition is based on an average of 4 classes per month and is not altered for months with holidays etc. in which less than 4 classes are held. No refunds or deductions are given if a child misses class for any reason. Tuition is pro-rated only for a new student the 1st month of enrollment. Tuition rates are not pro rated at any other time. Please feel free to drop your payment in the mail box at the reception counter. A re-registrations fee of $45 will be applied to any student wishing to re-enroll after over a month of non-payment. View tuition & fees here.

Class Schedule

The schedule is based on anticipated enrollment and may change at anytime. View the studio schedule here.

Private Lessons

Private lessons are available in all classes. Contact the studio for available times and prices. Duets and Trio privates are also available; please contact the studio for availability and pricing.

Late Fee

A $30.00 late fee will be charged to accounts not paid in full by the 15th of each month. A $30.00 fee will be charged on all returned checks. Please feel free to call anytime concerning questions you may have about your statement. If you feel we are in error, please let us know and we will resolve the matter.


No refunds or deductions are given for missed classes. Good attendance is important from January to May, as we will be working on recital pieces. Please be sure students are on time for class, so that the entire class time can be productive.

Drop Off & Pick Up

Students should not be brought to the studio more than 10 minutes before their class and should be picked up immediately after class. Young children waiting on others should be supervised by the parent in charge and should remain in the lobby.

Dance Recital

Students must be present for dress rehearsal in order to participate in the recital. Dress rehearsal will be the day before the recital. The rehearsal schedule of times will be posted in the studio in May. Dancers should come in full costume to dress rehearsal. Every student must have a $0 balance to participate in the recital.

Recital Tickets

All recital tickets are $15-$25 per person.  Anyone needing a seat to the show will need to purchase a ticket.

Recital Fee

There will be a non-refundable recital fee of $45.00. This fee covers lighting, venue, rehearsals, scenery and other recital production expenses.
This fee will be due April 15th.

Recital Video

The dance studio will offer a professional video tape or DVD of the recital. Video equipment will not be permitted in the auditorium during rehearsal or recital. We hope that this will allow you to sit back and enjoy the show. More information concerning purchasing a video will be made available in May.

Costume Payments

Children are expected and encouraged to perform in the annual recital. Each child will have 1 costume for each class they are taking. Costumes are ordered in March so they will arrive before picture weekend. Costumes will be added to all accounts the first week of March and due at your earliest convenience.

Costume Cancellation or Additions

The studio must receive written notification from a parent, if a child is not going to participate in the recital, or does not need to order a costume for a particular class. The notification must be received by February 15th to avoid a costume charge. After the costumes have been ordered, all costumes charges are non refundable. Costumes ordered after March 1st will be assessed an additional $20.00 per costume, depending on availability of costumes.

Costume Alterations

Parents/Students are responsible for minor alterations to costumes including hemming, taking in, sewing straps etc.

Observation Days

Parents and observers are not allowed in the classrooms. Observations Day is the last class of each month. At this time you may watch class through the observation windows. You are welcome to video this class time, as well as take pictures.

General Rules

  • Please have students take shoes, dance bags etc. into the classroom with them.

  • No eating, drinking or chewing gum during class.

  • Please use the restroom prior to class.

  • Please observe all dress codes. NO JEANS OR STREET SHOES IN CLASS. All students must have proper shoes and tights for each class and at recital.

  • Students must carry their own health and injury insurance.

  • We reserve the right to refuse services to any persons.

Dress Code

dress code_edited.jpg

  • Boys should wear black tights or shorts, white tee shirts and black Ballet shoes for Ballet.

  • Jazz pants may be worn for jazz and tap class.

  • All tap shoes should be secured by elastic.

  • No street clothes or shoes allowed in the studios.

  • Please keep hair away from the face for all other classes.

  • Proper shoes are required for all classes as well as for recital.

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